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Our company offers a wide-range of household, professional and industrial ecological, natural and probiotic products. The interest in environmentally friendly products is increasing in the world, so does the demand for our products.
Our products are manufactured in the United States. To reduce the costs, they are shipped in bulk and packaged closest to the actual place of sale.
Unlike most ecological cleaning products, our products have an excellent cleaning power. Our “Probiotic cleaners” are true biological cleaners. They contain viable beneficial microorganism cultures, not just named BIO, as it is popular these days.
We set our prices competitive with all famous brand name harsh chemical cleaners. That is why; you will find our household products on the shelves of a regular super market, not just in specialized expensive ECO-stores, where most other ecological cleaners are sold.

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Even though our products are unique, the formulas can be very easily copied. To protect our secret formulas from the competitors, we choose to protect them under trade secret law (US Law of 1996 18 U.S.C. § 1831-1839), instead of patent protection.
A trade secret is a form of intellectual property that gives the firm who owns it an advantage over its competitors as long as the firm manages to keep it a secret. Patent protection gives the patent holder the right to exclude others from the use of the innovation covered by the patent for a limited period of time and an applicant is required to disclose sufficient knowledge about the innovation. There is limited information on location and access to physical facilities where the secrets can be seen and limited disclosure based upon a “need to know” basis, related to technical matters. All our employees and associates sign Confidentiality, or Non-Disclosure agreements. Multiple suppliers are used and multiple companies are involved in the process to produce and blend our products, all bound by strict Confidentiality agreements.

We offer all our ecological products at the lowest possible prices to make them affordable even to low-income customers. We constantly work on developing new products and improving the existing.