Our Mission
To provide an ecological alternative to harsh chemical cleaners, of highest quality, with the same cleaning power and price levels.
“ECO that really cleans and is affordable for every consumer.”
Our Vision
Our Goal
Our Strategy



TRI-BIO ecological Natural cleaners are based on natural plant and mineral ingredients.
Free of dangerous chemicals, and still as effective as well-known harsh chemical cleaners.

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TRI-BIO ecological Probiotic cleaners are the best, most effective and easy to use cleaners you have ever used. They are real biological cleaners, which contain viable probiotic microorganism cultures.

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Almost the entire range of our Natural & Probiotic cleaners and other specialized products, even more effective and concentrated. Packaged in to larger professional size packages.

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You can purchase our products in bulk and handle packaging yourself, or let our experienced team develop successful products under your own private label. Original quality and cleaning power guaranteed.

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